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Drop Everything And Read (DEAR)

At Brookfield Community School, we recognise the importance that reading has in ensuring that students achieve well academically as well as expand their knowledge and vocabulary. With this in mind, we invest curriculum time in Years 7, 8 and 9 to ensure that students read widely and make rapid improvements in their reading ages.

Students in Years 7 and some English classes in Year 8 and 9, will have one lesson in the library a week. This is known as their Accelerated Reader lesson. Students will work with a programme called Accelerated Reader which helps them to understand the level of book they should be reading. Once a student has read their book they complete a short online quiz to check their comprehension of the book and then discuss with the librarian, based on these results, what to read next.

You can read more about how AR works in this Parent Guide.

Students in all years (7-11) will have 15 minutes a day Drop Everything and Read time. This allows them to read for 15 minutes every day. The time for this is rolled through the periods of the week (e.g. in the first week it will be 15 minutes every period 1. The week after it will be during period 2).

There are a range of websites that can help students to access reading materials.  The Reading Great Literature website allows students to search for free books to read.

If students are looking to buy more recent books appropriate to their reading age, then this website gives great examples of books they could read.  Please see below for recommended reading lists for all year groups.

Year 7 reading list

Year 8 reading list

Year 9 reading list

Year 10 reading list

Year 11 reading list

Accelerated Reader Programme