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Extra Curricular

We recognise the importance of extending learning to our students beyond the classroom, celebrating and encouraging them to develop their talents and interests. Our comprehensive offer includes a broad range of activities and booster leaning sessions. Activities on offer include sports, performing arts, creative arts, enterprise and STEM based subjects, as well as providing leadership experiences and the opportunity for students to complete The Duke of Edinburgh Award.

Many students are able to represent the school on the sports field at local, county and regional level in both individual and team activities. Each year we also compete in work related competitions, such as The Young Enterprise scheme and the Magistrates Mock Trial competition.

Brookfield has a well-established reputation for delivering outstanding annual school productions and dance shows. These events involve a large number of students from across all of the school years, enabling them to demonstrate their performing skills to the local community.

We are committed to removing any barriers to participation and will endeavour to support any students who wish to access and enjoy any of the activities on offer. As well as out of lesson learning opportunities, we deliver an extensive programme of visits, residential trips and experiences co-ordinated through subjects and via our careers education programme. Recently students have visited Sheffield University, Iceland to study tectonic plate movement and energy consumption, Italy skiing and Mexico to complete ecological studies.